Upholding our ESG Agenda

At NunaGreen, we are dedicated to upholding our company’s commitments to our ambitious ESG and ethical standards. We have developed ESG strategies and assessments that we employ in each of our projects to mitigate risks and any potential adverse impacts of our investments.

As a Greenlandic-founded company, we are deeply integrated in and connected to the local society, with a nuanced understanding of the country’s cultural and political landscape. While being a business-driven company focused on growth and profitability, we also actively engage in dialogues with authorities and civil society to continuously strengthen and optimise our ESG approach. It is this close connection to local stakeholders and the Greenlandic government that makes NunaGreen a particularly unique partner in the green energy projects that we lead in our country.


At NunaGreen, we are committed to renewable energy generation and the decarbonisation of our society, ensuring that this goal is achieved without compromising on the local environment and biodiversity. We are in ongoing dialogue with local communities who rely on and interact with the natural surrounding of our project sites, and we subject all of our investments to a thorough environmental impact assessment.


We always set high social standards throughout the full value chain of our projects. We foster new competences within the Greenlandic society, spanning across construction work, project management, research and financing, while encouraging knowledge transfer to local suppliers and workers through our external expert contractors.


As a business-driven company owned by the Government of Greenland and operating in accordance with limited company legislation, we are in a uniquely valuable position as a partner in green energy projects here in Greenland. We secure the Greenlandic society’s participation in green energy investments and partner with stakeholders in and outside of Greenland to make our projects a reality.

Our Environmental Assessment Process

As a part of upholding our ESG commitments, we subject our construction projects to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations. This includes our current hydropower plant projects in Buksefjorden and Qasigiannguit, which you can read more about in Our Projects page on this website. The EIAs are currently in development, and once approved, they will outline terms that will avoid or reduce any significant negative environmental impacts that could arise from our future projects.
Explore new knowledge

Knowledge Centre

Greenland’s nature offers great opportunities to develop green energy for the benefit of Greenland and the global green transition. Greenlandic and international organisations are continuously gathering new data and releasing new reports that add to our understanding of our country’s potential in green energy.

In our Knowledge Centre, we share the latest updates on green energy projects, research, insights and statistics in Greenland. Click the links below to be redirected to our expert colleagues in the industry and beyond.

Whistleblower Scheme

NunaGreen has established a whistleblower scheme to ensure that persons, safely and anonymously, can report current or potential violations of law or other serious misconduct at NunaGreen. Financial crime can be reported, including corruption, document fraud or the like, irregularities related to audits, environmental pollution, violation of occupational safety regulations, etc.