Our Partners


Our differentiating factor is our ability to drive change and unite the diverse interests of stakeholders in our shared vision of powering Greenland and beyond with green energy. This is made possible through our extensive local network, which includes knowledge organisations, companies, government bodies, and central administration, whom we can bring together as one to stimulate action that moves us closer to our collective vision.

Mutual Empowerment

We work alongside our partners to support each other, leveraging our individual expert areas and collective strength. Together with them, we collaboratively develop business cases and gather essential data to gain insights into the building processes and the unique nature of green energy projects in Greenland. By working closely with one another, we strive to add value to every project we engage with.

Exploring Future Opportunities Together

As networks and partnerships in our country become operational in the future, we will provide support in formalising them. Our aim is to foster strong collaborations and establish partnerships across industries and organisations that can drive the growth and development of our country.

Our Proud Partners in the Green Transition