About Us

Our Story of Empowerment

For decades, the story of Greenland in the world’s changing climate has centered around the warming weather, melting ice and rising sea levels.
But Greenland is more than this story.

From our dramatic nature, there is power that’s just waiting to be harnessed. Hydropower. Solar power. Wind power. Power we can move. Power to drive our global transition to green energy.

On behalf of Greenland, we at NunaGreen are reclaiming our country’s story in the climate crisis to one of prosperity and opportunity.

We are building on our heritage as explorers at heart and experts in the Arctic to form sustainable partnerships that unite interests and empower new opportunities for all.

We develop business cases, build competences, and engage in all steps of the value chain from developing and constructing to managing and owning green energy projects in Greenland.

Our story may start in Buksefjorden with supplying the Greenlandic people and companies with our nature’s green energy, But as we explore and enable new opportunities, we will also power countries beyond Greenland Thereby writing the next chapter of our country’s story of empowerment.

NunaGreen. Empowering Green Opportunities

Our Vision

To power Greenland and beyond with green energy

Our Mission

To be the Greenlandic company that explores and enables opportunities in green energy

Our Brand DNA
Uniters of
at Heart

Our Leadership Team

Hans Ulrik Skifte

Chief Executive Officer

Rasmus Wendt

Chief Growth Officer

Line Frederiksen

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Anne Arleth

Head of Administration

Martin Møller

Head of Construction

NunaGreen’s Board of Directors

Stine Bosse

Stine Bosse

Chairman of the Board
Mikkel Krogh Søndergaard

Mikkel Krogh Søndergaard

Deputy Chariman
Volinka D. Augustenborg

Volinka D. Augustenborg

Member of the Board
Inúnguak Abelsens

Inúnguak Abelsens

Member of the Board
Morten Stilling

Morten Stilling

Member of the Board