Empowering Green Opportunities
We Are
Arctic Experts
As a Greenlandic company, we have extensive knowledge of the Arctic. We know how to move things. From the climate to the culture to connecting with the right partners, we have the expertise that only a local Greenlander could have.
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We Are
Sustainable Partners
Our partnerships are always grounded in a mutual ambition of a greener and more sustainable future. Environmentally, socially and economically, we are focused on building long-lasting relationships with our partners, with the intention to grow our trust and understanding stronger with every collaboration.
Our approach to sustainability
We Are
Uniters of Interests
We engage with multiple stakeholders across borders and industries that each have their own set of priorities. A core part of who we are and what we stand for is bridging these different perspectives together and uniting them in our common vision of powering the global green transition.
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We Are
Explorers at Heart
Just as ourThule ancestors centuries ago, it is in our nature to venture out in unchartered territories – to explore new resources, new opportunities and new solutions. We are driven by a spirit of innovation that powers our pioneering approach. We are first-movers, daring to dream big and aim high.
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From Greenland, for Greenland

The Government of Greenland is the sole owner of NunaGreen and a key voice that shapes our vision. We therefore have a duty to act in Greenland’s interests, always putting our country and our people first.

Business-Driven Ambitions

We have high commercial ambitions and strive to grow our company always with Greenland’s interests in mind. We may be government-owned, but we are business-driven with a professional and considerate approach to our green energy projects.

Unlocking Green Opportunities

We are the Greenlandic company with the right expertise, connections and competences to unlock opportunities in green energy in Greenland. Our country is unique in more ways than one, which means foreign partners in particular will need our support in realising green energy projects here.

Partners From Start to Finish

We can engage in all steps of the value chain in our green energy projects. We develop business cases, we secure finance, we can support in construction and own the maintenance of power plants, if required. We work alongside our partners to define our roles and responsibilities that best support them.

Our Green Energy Projects

By the mandate of the Government of Greenland, we at NunaGreen are responsible for future green energy projects in Greenland. Have a look at our current and future projects in Our Projects page.
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Powered by Partnerships

We are grateful to have strong professional connections with key partners in Greenland and beyond.
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Empowering Sustainability

We are highly ambitious when it comes to ESG. We have defined commitments and formalised an approach to our project environmental assessments.
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